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Used equipment

Used light equipment and compact equipment.
As good as new. Well maintained.
Checked by specialists.

Buying a used machine makes sense if you only use it occasionally. Or when you prefer to have your own machine than rent it. Another reason might be a situation when you need a special model and you want to eliminate the delivery time of the new machine. Regardless of the reason, well-maintained, used equipment is definitely a good choice.

  • We offer a wide choice of light equipment and compact machines.
  • You can choose from a wide range of used machines, including a vast rental park with over 1,000 machines.
  • We will also gladly accept your used machine as a trade-in, whether you are buying a new or used machine from us or you just want to reduce your fleet.
  • All used machines from the Wacker Neuson park are 100% serviced by our own specialists.
  • All machines which we receive as a trade-in are also thoroughly checked. Some of them even have a full service history, because a vast number of our clients regularly serviced their machines with us.
  • Our used machines can be purchased in 11 branches in Poland.
  • We also offer a possibility to finance a used machine in our company. You just need to ask!
Four reasons why it is worth your while to buy a used machine:

1. The cheapest option in comparison to a new machine

2. When you want to have your own machine, even if it is only used occasionally

3. When you need a machine immediately

4. When you need a machine for a specific period, for example for the duration of a project

In your neighborhood

Thanks to our many Wacker Neuson sales and service points we are accessible in the whole country if you are interested in a used machine.

Used machines available 24/7

You can find current sales offers on our used machines websites. Used machines from European markets:

Used machines available in Poland: 

Are you interested in used machines? Write to us!
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